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Are you a producer, or creator passionate about cannabis? CXPN invites you to revolutionize the cannabis content space with us. Our unique 4-step reshare model ensures your content reaches a global audience, maximizing your impact and revenue.

How It Works:

Impressions: Earn every time your content catches an eye.

Views: Get paid for each view your masterpiece receives.

Impact: Bonus earnings for content that sparks engagement and action.

Stores: Imagine streaming your latest documentary and seeing earnings tick up with every new viewer, or sharing your cannabis cooking series and benefiting from product sales directly through our platform.

Join CXPN and gain:

⦿ Access to millions in 150+ countries
⦿ Full ownership of your content
⦿ Distribution on all smart devices

With CXPN, you maintain full content ownership, ensuring your creative vision remains uncompromised. Plus, enjoy seamless distribution across all devices.

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